Vocal IP Networx is a national facilities-based ISP and IP telephony services provider headquartered in New York City. Vocal IP Networx operates 2 Super POPs in Newark, NJ and Las Vegas, NV with 2 smaller access POPs in Chicago and Atlanta. Vocal’s network platform is fully redundant and geographically diverse.

We use Cisco equipment at the core, distribution, and access layers with a wide range of supported network devices at the edge (CPE). Vocal Core Network operates MPLS and is optimized for voice, video, critical applications and other data transport priorities. Vocal provides connectivity to customer premises using MPLS, VPLS and Point‐to‐Point transport via major telecommunication carriers.

Vocal assumes end‐to‐end responsibility for its network, including local loops and customer premise equipment directly connected to Vocal’s Network. Vocal’s IP Telephony platform is based on Broadworks by Broadsoft, the most robust carrier grade soft‐switch in commercial service today. Broadsoft flexible design and highest reliability record in the industry for carrier soft‐switches also incorporates a set of advanced UC features and excellent interoperability with third party hardware and applications. Broadsoft offers Hosted IP Telephony services as well as SIP Trunks from the same enterprise with a singular point of management and reporting.

Whether your sales force needs find me/follow me, your managers need reliable teleconferencing and videoconferencing capabilities, or you simply need a dial tone and voicemail, Vocal IP Networx offers a complete suite of telephone services that will grow with your organization.