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To see a world of responsible, accountable individuals who operate with honesty, respect and honor. A world where everyone takes the opportunity that is there for them to create a meaningful, healthy, happy life.


TeleDomani and our partners take a consultative approach in assisting businesses with their telecommunications and technology needs.  We are here to serve you. If you or your customers need to move to the cloud, a VoIP & wireless plan with advanced communications features, an enhanced cyber security plan, or something more complex, TeleDomani will bring it all together.  We are one of the largest telecommunications Master Agents, connecting local, national and global technology and telecommunications service and product providers to businesses through a team of agents around the globe.   We offer unprecedented back office support and access to over 100 providers around the world.

Whether a small, medium, enterprise-sized business or government entity, if you need straightforward analysis and a simple, well-planned approach to complex communications and technology solutions, welcome to TeleDomani.

"Our dedication to our agent partners, provider and vendor relationships as a leading Master Agent provides a streamlined model, creating continuing success in the channel."
- Carmine Yodice