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China Telecom’s Next Gen Networks Help Advance Digital Transformation

The pace of business today is accelerating and demanding increased global collaboration with interactive communications and secured access to business applications. This call for anytime, anywhere access by enterprise and technology users require a more sophisticated and intelligent real-time network infrastructure. China Telecom, one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services, keeps pace with the accelerated needs and demands of the enterprise through its long-standing commitment to the development and enhancement of its global operations and capabilities. As a wholly owned subsidiary, China Telecom Americas leverages the corporation’s vast infrastructure and experience in China to provide reliable voice, data, Internet, cloud and network management services to companies, organizations and international carriers requiring international access to China and beyond. View our global network capacity at


Global IP & Data Networking Services

Among the many telecom and data carriers in operation today, very few can truly claim that their IP networks were built with the future in mind.  Most carriers instead adapt their legacy infrastructures for new, emerging applications – with varying measures of success for their business customers. Our suite of Global Ethernet, Private Line, IP Transit, MPLS VPN, Wavelength services built to power tomorrow’s globally distributed, Internet-based, mission critical applications.
Global ip Access

Global Wavelength OTN
International Ethernet private line IEPL
International private leased circuit IPLC
International private line services
MPLS VPN Brochure
Virtual private line service VPLS

Colocation Services

China Telecom has an extensive global IDC network with more than 300 IDCs located in prime areas in Mainland China and in key overseas markets. Our network includes 20 Tier-IV and more than 90 Tier-III IDCs connected to a reliable and wide range of global private and public data circuits. With comprehensive security measures and one-stop enterprise-grade service platform supported by a dedicated service team, customers enjoy secured, reliable and scalable data storage solutions. View IDC / Colocation Services

Enterprise Cloud

China Telecom Americas offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud services  through a ten-site, multi-continent cloud network built with next generation technology. Supported by dedicated teams of network specialists and engineers, our customers are able to continually realize successful, cost-effective global cloud deployments that scale with the speed of their business. As the majority of enterprises transfer mission-critical applications and sensitive data to the cloud, China Telecom will be there in support of strategic IT initiatives with advanced public, private and hybrid Cloud resources and services to help your business meet evolving demands of a digital future.
Content Delivery Network CDN Service
Internet Data Center IDC Services Brochure
Internet Data Center IDC Services

Managed ICT Services

Engaging outsourced managed services for your company’s IT resources can be an exceptionally attractive path towards substantial budget savings, more flexible computing capacity, and more reliable network uptime and performance. China Telecom delivers complete turnkey professional ICT services in 72 countries around the world, in partnership with major vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, FSNetworks, IBM, VMware, Huawei among many more.
Managed ICT Services
Managed ICT Services Data Sheet


Second upgrade of Trans Pacific Express (TPE) cable will strengthen capacity between USA and China

China Telecom Americas recently announced that the second upgrade of Trans Pacific Express (TPE) cable network has passed Provisional Network Acceptance (PNA) and is now ready for service. All parties engaged in the upgrade can put their relative capacity into commercial service.

Carrier Service
Carrier Data Center Service
Carrier Global Internet Service
Carrier International Private Line Service
Carrier MPLS VPN Service
Carrier vpls Service

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