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Fusion - TeleDomani

Fusion’s full, turn-key products and services allow you to leapfrog over legacy infrastructures, lowering capital requirements and providing real time-to-market advantages. Use our products and services to carry your voice clearly in the cloud.

Cloud Communications: Fusion360, FusionWorks and FusionSIP advance your business’s success with a powerful combination of telephony and unified communications features and functionality that increase productivity and agility, remove end of life and management concerns and reduce costs.  Our Conferencing, Call Center and Faxing services complete your cloud communications portfolio with services that help you connect, communicate and collaborate faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before.

Cloud Connectivity: Whether you want to guarantee the quality of all your voice calls, or simply need a secure, private and scalable network, our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), MPLS and Integrated Access services help you connect to the right network at the lowest cost and minimize your IT network costs.

Cloud Computing: Fusion makes the nebulous clear with a comprehensive suite of cloud services designed to increase value and productivity with flexible, scalable, reliable and secure solutions that gives enterprise customers the agility they need to succeed in today’s demanding business environment.  Fusion’s suite of cloud storage, cloud security and cloud computing solutions are managed in our cloud, saving you space, time, money and resources.