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Hypercore - TeleDomani

We understand you have your choice of network providers…..but what could it mean to your business to work with (1) carrier who could offer the services from over 150 network carriers, 35 cable co’s, 6 direct SD-WAN relationships, nationwide line of site microwave service, 4g LTE back up, managed Fortinet security, and VoIP. A Wholesale Network Aggregator who has aggressively negotiated below market pricing resulting in costs savings that are passed on to you. Would a 30 min response time for non-complex quote requests both improve your team’s productivity & the level of service you are providing? The following outlines a few of our unique highlights:

– Monitoring: 24/7 Proactive monitoring of ALL circuits including broadband/coax/dsl
– Support: Highest level of tech support in the industry (CCNA+) and 1 flat tier
– Flexible: Need a MTM term? Need a provider in the middle of nowhere? Hypercore is the answer
– Wholesale Pricing: As a wholesale aggregator, our pricing isn’t channel based and allows HCN is able to dictate our own margins.
– Service Focused: Customer service aren’t just words at Hypercore… it is the critical component to our approach.

In an ever increasingly crowded market, the Hypercore approach stands alone with our singular focus on YOU, the customer. And while we would love to handle all of your network needs, its understood Hypercore won’t be the optimal provider for 100% of requests… we are only asking for an opportunity to demonstrate why Hypercore Networks would be an essential component of your Supplier Portfolio.

Hypercore Networks…obsessively focused on the core of your business