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Jive - TeleDomani

Jive Provides Enterprise-Grade Hosted Communications.

Founded in 2006, Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. Jive is rapidly becoming the standard for business communications worldwide.

Jive Products

Jive delivers a range of Unified Communications products, including voice, video, contact center, and mobile applications.

  • Jive Voice: Jive’s cloud-based phone system comes with full PBX function, admin controls, and unlimited phone features.
  • Jive Video: Jive Video offers point-to-point and multipoint virtual meetings and video collaboration.
  • Jive Contact Center: Advanced contact center controls and monitoring are available through Jive Contact Center.
  • Jive Applications: Customers can access Jive services using their mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers.

Strategic Partnerships

Jive leverages partnerships with global leaders in telecommunications services and hardware. Offerings from these vendors, in combination with Jive services, deliver best-in-class hosted communications.