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Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results. We help businesses of all types increase their visibility using turn-key solutions, allowing our customers to get back to running their business while we work behind the scenes to get them results. Vivial’s mission is to help our customers grow their business, whether that is through our easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology or a custom marketing campaign that we create, implement and monitor. Easily said, Vivial makes the complex simple.


Products Offered

  • Content Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Directory Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development & Hosting
  • Online Display Advertising

Business Listing Report –

Run this report to see how your customers’ listings are appearing across the web. Share this report on your sales calls to start the conversation about the need for online marketing.


Case Studies & Testimonials

Share these videos and case studies with your clients to demonstrate how Vivial will help them reach new customers and turn existing ones into loyal, repeat buyers.

  • Bomber’s CrossFit – With Vivial’s help, Bombers CrossFit increased their membership by 25%
  • Gallagher Construction – Gallagher Construction is able to count on Vivial to reach out monthly to discuss their content strategy
  • Home Services Case Study – Share this case study with potential customers to show them how Vivial was able to increase Google rankings from 0 to 300 for this home services business in a highly competitive market.
  • Fitness Case Study – Share this case study to prove the power of the Vivial platform to manage and respond to reviews and social media posts.
  • Attorney Case Study – With thousands of divorce attorneys in and around New York City, appearing prominently within search results is a necessity. See how this attorney leveraged the Vivial program to get found!