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For nearly twenty years, the teams at XCast Labs have been anticipating nascent markets and technology completely ahead of the curve.

The XCast team has been blazing trails in unified communication for nearly twenty years. XCast’s founding engineers first demonstrated the power of speech recognition technology in the mid-1990s with the introduction of the first digital Personal Assistant.

Our same team later deployed the first softswitch into a major carrier network with its ground-breaking SIP-based technology. Our team has a strong track-record in anticipating nascent markets and technology.

We designed and developed every aspect of our technology solution in-house. Our unique platform provides greater ability to address customers’ needs and requirements without dependency on outside vendors.

Today, by moving the XCL platform to the cloud, any potential scalability problems can be easily overcome with practically unlimited capacities. Our culture and products are built around delivering consistent reliability that exceeds the current industry standards.

We have many different options and ways you can start saving on your calls. From residential solutions for the family, to small offices, to large companies, we’ve been connecting you to others online for nearly 20 years.

Products Include:
• Residential/SoHo
• Hosted IP-PBX
• SIP Trunking
• Carrier & Wholesale Services
• Big Events a& Conferences
• Phones & Devices

Hosted PBX Features

Hosted IP PBX All-in-one Extension Polycom VVX Included

XCAST Siptalk

XCAST Siptrunk